Light Towers & Generators 


  • Available gasoline- or electric-powered options

  • Variety of sizes available from 5,000 watts to 125 kilowatts

  • Lightweight and portable for easy transport

  • Versatile for a variety of applications

Light Towers

  • Easy operation with pintle hitch towing for simple transport

  • Diesel fuel tanks with 30-gallon capacity

  • Reliable operation with up to 65 hours of continuous light

  • Versatile applications for construction, movie sets, sporting events, etc.

  • Maximum mast height of 25 feet

  • Horizontal folding mast for compact, easy storage

  • Engine equipped with 7.5-kilowatt generator for maximum power

  • Stable and resistant to snow, rain, and wind

  • Four 1,250-watt metal halide fixtures on each tower

  • Each lamp produces 150,000 lumens of light

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