Power & HVAC 

Air Conditioners

  • Digital temperature control. Set the desired temperature and walk away.

  • Totally self-contained with no costly installation necessary. Operates on standard 115v power.

  • Handles temperatures up to 113°F. Provides cooling in the hottest environments.

  • Provides up to 13,200 Btu/hr of cool air. Maximum spot cooling to just the spot that needs it.


  • CFM: 440

  • Volts: 120

  • Static Air Pressure: 1

  • Duct: 12"

  • Gals/Day: 15

Air Scrubbers

  • Air filtration with HEPA filters remove airborne dust, fumes and harmful contaminant's during renovation and restoration 

  • Negative air control – create a negative pressure, inward airflow work area to control the spread of dust to other areas of the structure

  • Optional carbon filters can be used to remove odors, chemical vapors and harmful VOC’s

  • Vertical and horizontal operation

  • Filter change indicator lamps

  • Optional 12" flexible duct

Carpet Dryer


Heavy dutty roll cage frame 

30" Diameter 

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